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Safari Calendar 2012

 Join us on astonishing journeys which combine excellence with ethical tourism.




SPECIALISED SAFARIS (limited edition), 5 nights


We do tailor safaris to meet guest’s special interests and dates please contact us.

Your participation in our safaris does not just generate much needed income for the Conservancies; it also serves to provide employment opportunities, capacity building and hope.

KCS safaris into remote north-western Namibia offer more than a holiday:

  • They are authentic, colourful, intimate and spectacular kaleidoscopes of experiences in a place of wild beauty where wildlife and people co-exist. We add dignity and new meaning to cultural exchanges because your conservancy hosts own our company and receive all profits.
  • They are excursions into a vast untamed land to give the discerning traveller a once in a lifetime insider’s view of community-based conservation in action.
  • We invite you to join our experienced team on rutted tracks, across dry riverbeds and rugged mountain passes with a stunning backdrop of ever-changing desert scenery, inhabited by a diversity of fascinating plants and animals.
  • Learn how the well-being of semi-nomadic herding people and wildlife are linked in the 50 000 square kilometre Kunene Region where lions, elephant, giraffe, black rhino, gemsbok and kudu have all adapted to life in this ancient desert. See the highest diversity of commiphora species (myrrh) in the world and a number of endemic birds, trees and shrubs.
  • Depending on which safari you choose, search for black rhino or perhaps go on a plant trail with Himba women. Spend quality time with your Herero and Himba conservancy hosts and gain insights into the highs and lows of living together with wildlife in this arid environment devoid of park boundaries, fences and convenience stores.
  • Enjoy desert camping in comfort with a back-up crew who will round off your eventful day with mouth-watering bush cuisine.  Savour a good wine and immerse yourself in the sounds, scents and flavours of an African night before retiring to your tent and tailor-made bedroll.
  • Experience stress relieving solitude; know that your presence is making conservation sustainable, enhancing livelihoods and improving quality of life.

“Kunene Conservancy Safaris” invites you to participate in one of Africa’s most successful conservation stories.

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