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Our Mission



Conservancy Safaris Namibia and its safari company, Kunene Conservancy Safaris, were born out of the belief that for wildlife to survive and have a future outside of proclaimed Parks in Africa, wildlife will have to provide benefits to the local residents. Fundamental to our approach is that local residents accept ownership and responsibility for wildlife and the environment.

Vast and exciting parts of Namibia, with enormous tourism potential, fall within  communal areas. Until now, tourism/wildlife ventures on this type of land have mainly been in the form of a commercial entity having a utilization contract or, at best, a joint venture agreement with local communities/conservancies, bringing limited benefits to the people.

Our aims are to build on the areas’ potential, to strengthen capacity within the conservancies, to improve their general standard of living (health, education, etc) and to provide conservancies with a fair and deserved income from their wildlife and environment that will help in poverty alleviation.

We believe firmly that these magnificent areas and their wildlife belong to the respective residents. We acknowledge and understand t that these people have had to bear the real cost of living with wildlife, coping with both direct conflict (elephants and predators) and indirect conflict (wildlife eating scarce and valuable resources that could sustain livestock).  We recognize and respect that the increase in wild animals in the Kunene Region to the current impressive numbers is mainly due to the efforts and attitudes of the conservancies.

Evolving out of the above philosophy, is our very different model for tourism, where the Company belongs to the Conservancies, where there are no hidden shareholders ensconced in a lifestyle far away. The Company’s responsibilities are to its owners, the very people who have lived with the wildlife for years.

Furthermore, Conservancy Safaris Namibia believes that visitors contact with its members, the local Herero and Himba people, should be a meaningful and dignified cultural exchange, not just a superficial “canned” visit. As the owners of the Company, the local residents welcome us as their guests, not just as another passer-by.

Conservancy Safaris is currently managed, on behalf of the conservancy owners, by a professional management team who has lengthy experience in conservation as well as the tourism sector.


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