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SAFARI REPORT: Kunene Wildlife & Culture with Etosha september 2011


We are back from a 9 day safari with 4 guests and our phenomenal back up crew Sonja & Boas. North western conservancies have been visited as well as Etosha National Park.

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  • After spending 2 nights in Etosha, we travelled the western route (with a remarkable sighting of 2 cheetahs) before reaching the Kunene. We did black rhino tracking on foot, travelled to the Hoanib River where we had interesting close up with desert elephants and the Tsuxub valley, before reaching Puros through the Hoarusib river that is still flooded.
  • On the following morning we met with Leon Kasupi from Puros Conservancy at his office who briefed us on the conservancy programme concept and on the latest Human/Wildlife  conflict issues, in particular the ones with lions and elephants. We then travelled through the Hoarusib and the Khumib Rivers where we saw hundreds of magnificent mountain zebras and met with Himba herders.
  • We arrived at Etambura with all of the usual magic of its stunning location. We enjoyed authentic encounters with the local Himba community there, guided by Onjuva and Boas. They brought us to the village of their family where we learnt about traditional ways and put into practice a milking lesson. Finally, we had a very nice and gentle evening at the Kanamub Mountain Campsite, exclusively reserved for us.
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