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Meet some of the wonderful people you may encounter along the way      with Conservancy Safaris.

Enjoy a chat and learn about life out here in the bush.  They will be equally interested to know all about you too.

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Uapenga, headman of Orupembe and his wives Kaata and Koiperiko

Uripaure, chairman of Orupembe Conservancy

Wakevisa, your conservancy host in Orupembe

Thahoererua , one of the first game guards appointed by his community and paid by IRDNC in Orupembe.

Ngevi, experienced game guard of Okondjombo Conservancy

Leon Kasupi, chairman of Puros Conservancy

Sara, ex-shopkeeper of Puros Shop, now shop-keeper extraordinaire at Sesfontein Shop

Kapiarukoro, chairman of Marienfluss Conservancy

Onjuva, stationed at Etambura Camp

And many more ……

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