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Hi! I am Boas Hambo, a KCS guide and translator.

I come back from North West of Namibia for a one week trip.

The North West didn’t receive rain jet. I travel in Onjuva area meet different local farmers suffering with water and grazing. At this moment all local people are on mountains, because there is nothing on the plains for their livestock to eat.

I really enjoy my trip to North West.

On our way back 18km from Wereldsend on the way to the coast we saw two bull Rhinos fighting next to Veterinary fence. We stopped and enjoy the fight. We don’t know what cause the fight, but we thought that the younger bull enters the old bull’s territorial area, because the younger one didn’t wanted to fight but the old one was forcing the young one. The young one’s horns were sharper then the old one.

This was my first time to experience something like that after working for Nature Conservation for ten years. None of us were having camera, I manage to use my cell phone camera to take few shots and short video.

It was unbelievable thing on an open plain with Torra stone.


Tjijetua ombaze (if you travel then you will see)

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