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Conservancy Safaris Namibia is proud to introduce its new range of products for 2011.

Kunene Wildlife & Culture (6 days), Kunene Kaleidoscope (9 days) and the Limited Edition Safaris (5 days) have been tweaked,  designed and honed to give our guests a once in a lifetime journey into one of the most breathtaking and remote regions of Namibia.

The Kunene Region with its dramatic landscapes, fascinating wildlife, mysterious Fairy Circles, endless plains dotted with wildlife and small Himba settlements, ephemeral dry riverbeds home to a number of intriguing desert adapted species and engrossing Himba and Herero people.


Our safaris are an authentic mix of wildlife and culture. Search for black rhino on foot with local game guards, explore dry river beds on the look-out for the desert elephant, the elusive desert lion, giraffe and other flora and fauna, while you learn about the poaching that nearly decimated Namibia’s wildlife in the 1980’s and how a number of organizations helped turn the situation around. Gain an insight into a world where people and wildlife share the same backyard, the difficulties this creates and the local solutions.


Remember, that Conservancy Safaris is owned by the Himba and Herero people that will welcome and host you. Here you are a guest not a visitor, and as such you are invited to participate in the day to day events of life in this remote area.  These activities are authentic and depend on what is happening at the time you are a guest.  You might watch cattle being watered, or, depending on the season, join in the sustainable harvest of resin from commiphora wildii.  Find out how this myrrh is collected by Himba women for sale to international perfume manufacturers.  Chat to local school teachers and discover the challenges they face teaching in this remote area, engage with local shop owners and sit around a crackling camp fire with your conservancy host and exchange life stories and anecdotes from different worlds.


Etambura Camp has now been completed, and been incorporated into the itineraries of Kunene Wildlife & Culture and Kunene Kaleidoscope.  The Camp is situated high on a hill near the holy plains of Onjuva and is for the exclusive use of Conservancy Safaris’ guests.  360 degree views, comfortable accommodation units with en suite bathrooms and private decks are the ultimate venue for sun rises and sun sets.  The main lapa with its look-out decks, is a wonderful place to relax, to observe and to absorb the unique sounds, scents and sights of the world around you.  Revel in the spectacular night sky, listen to the call of someone still lingering around a cooking fire in the village below or to the hoot of an owl and capture the spirit of this special place.


The Limited Edition Safaris include the Desert Lion Safari (Dr Flip Stander), Conservation & Culture (Garth Owen-Smith and Dr M Jacobsohn), Kaokoland Naturally (Steve Braine) and Desert Elephant Project Safari (Dr Keith Leggett).    These safaris have been created to afford our guests the unique opportunity to join some of Namibia’s most renowned researchers in the day to day running of their projects and get an insight into their world.  These safaris are authentic and often life-changing experiences.


Our detailed itineraries:

Kunene Wildife & Culture (6 days)

Kunene Kaleidoscope (9 days)

Specialised Safaris (limited edition, 5 days)

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