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DESERT LION SAFARI, Sept 10 – guest feedback from Craig Youngleson


“I had a brilliant trip… Flip is the most inspiring and interesting person that I have met in years… He has an abundance of knowledge and his enthusiasm & love for the Namibian Desert Lions makes it a privilege to spend time with him.

Russell and Felix were great guides and they both are dedicated to preserving the long term sustainability of the Kunene region.

Their tour company, “Kunene Conservancy Safaris” understands the importance of mutual co- existence between the people of the Kunene region and the wildlife. They are a tour company who are determined to ensure that the local community benefits from tourism and this in itself was a great reason to have used their company.

I have twice spent over a week traveling through the Kunene region in my own vehicle and on both occasions I was unable to find any desert lions. On this guided trip with Flip, Russel and Felix, I was fortunate to have had unbelievable Desert Lion interactions… The 1st day and night, Flip spotted a magnificent 7-8 year old male lion. Flip darted the lion, branded him, collared him, took blood tests and measured him. This Majestic lion has been named ROSH and hopefully he will take over from the two lions, Adolf and Leonardo who were sadly shot. May ROSH be the father of a whole new generation of desert lions….
The next night, Flip tracked Bianca, a powerful and mature lioness who he has been studying for years. Bianca who had been unaccounted for, for 29 days, was darted and her faulty collar was replaced.

The desert landscape in the Kunene region is breathtaking, the desert sunrises and sunsets are magical as shades of pastel colours stretched across the sky. The mountain zebra, oryx, giraffe and springbok were a daily treat…

The chef prepared mouth watering daily meals and the million of stars at night were like sparkling diamonds in the African sky….
The evenings around a crackling log fire were the perfect way to connect and the Desert night sounds were music for my soul… Especially as the earth shattering roar of a free roaming Desert Lion echoing across the mountains….
The morning mist that slowly crept in from the Atlantic ocean is mystical and magical.

I left the Kunene region with Felix, via the Hoanib river. In the dry river bed, we were blessed to watch a herd of breading Desert Elephants, with two newly born elies in the herd. This was an excellent way to end off the trip.

The Kunene is this truly magnificent part of Namibia, in fact its an unbelievably special wilderness …

This is one of the best trips that I have ever experienced. It was worth every cent…

Thank you for arranging it. I will always cherish this life long experience.

The Namibian Desert is a place were a person’s soul comes alive….

All the best.”


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