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It is quite a feat to spot a cheetah whilst trundling through the thousands of square kilometers of wilderness that make up Namibia’s north-western Kunene Region.  The area is rugged, the plains are vast and the sleek spotted cats are not only naturally shy, but so well camouflaged that they blend into their environment to virtual invisibility and unless there is a flick of a tail, a twitch of an ear these cats will, in all probability, go unnoticed.  And if you do manage to catch a glimpse – don’t blink – because now they are here, then they are gone! Unless, of course, Lady Luck is in a benevolent mood and smiles!

And this is exactly what happened to KCS guests!  On the approach to Wereldsend – there it was – spots and all, a beautiful male cheetah, preening itself under a tree, ready to pose for the paparazzi!  The sighting of a cheetah in these areas is a highlight.

The discovery of a further two a few days later north of the Hoanib River is an unbelievable bonus!

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