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  • Early afternoon!  Heat waves are shimmering on a desolate plain near Puros. There is not a tree in sight and the only relief is from the air gushing through the open windows of the KCS vehicle. One can be forgiven for thinking that nothing can survive out here, in this middle of nowhere!

  • Then suddenly, like a mirage, the silhouettes of people transpire out of the soaring quicksilver and hurtle towards the track we are trundling along.

  • As we wait the shadowy figures draw near and materialise into Himba women, requesting a drink of water.

  • We learn that they are out in the hills harvesting resin from Commiphora wildii,
    the myrrh collected for and sold to international perfume companies. This is a project driven by IRDNC and is one of the few empowerment and personal income generating opportunities women in this part of the world have access to.It is an amazing project, using indigenous plants on a sustainable basis. It is hard work scouring the hills and the bare hot rocks to find and collect the resin, but the rewards are real and prompt.

Later, as we continue on our journey into the shimmering vastness, we are left with a sense of awe at the resilience of these incredible people.

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  1. Kay Schmid permalink
    21/05/2010 10 h 15 min

    Having just returned from southern Damaraland, I am left awestruck by the people and the landscape. As I had been forewarned, magical, indeed.

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