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Conservancy Safaris supports Puros Lion officers


  • Conservancy Safaris not only is an instrument for capacity building, but a means to create income opportunities for the rural people in the magnificent north-west of Namibia.  Run wholly on ethical principles, conservation is one of its key concerns.  The ongoing problem the local community of Puros has recently had with lions has been well documented.
  • Years of work by IRDNC (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation) and Desert LionConservation have laid the foundation of community based wildlife management and the Puros Conservancy’s co-operation in solving this very real human-wildlife conflict is yet another success story.  In line with its policy, Conservancy Safaris continues to build on this foundation.

The Puros Lion Officers – the three individuals having been selected and appointed by the community – have received intense training by Dr Flip Stander (Desert Lion Conservation) to not only monitor the lions, but to collect information of their habits and behaviour. This dedicated effort has in turn hugely contributed towards alerting the local residents of the big cats’ whereabouts in an attempt to minimise potential disasters.

  • The cost of living with predators can be high and it is primarily the local people who have to pay the price. Fuel to run the vehicle jointly donated to this project by WWF and IRDNC is a scarce commodity in this area.  However, some problems can be readily solved: in a bid to ensure the smooth continuation of this invaluable work, Conservancy Safaris donates and delivers fuel to the Puros Lion Officers on a regular basis.

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