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Puros Mall

  • The village of Puros is not only renowned for its breath-taking setting on an open plain surrounded by distant mountains reflecting a kaleidoscope of colours ever-changing with the passing of the day, but also for the tiny “convenience” store run by Sara, shopkeeper extraordinaire!

  • “Sara’s Shop” is a landmark known to many and as such a meeting place to exchange news and local gossip. It is a central hub presided over by Sara – regally dressed in traditional Herero attire – from behind the kiosk-like counter of this establishment. It is here that one can stock up on chilled litre bottles of Coca Cola and Fanta, cigarettes, maize meal, tomato ketchup, Cross & Blackwell mayonnaise, washing powder, macaroni, biscuits and a variety of other essentials.

  • It is also a venue to meet and chat, have one’s hair done or do someone else’s and, for a number of young children, a place to grab a bowl of food.  For some in need of something stronger, it doubles as a shebeen (pub) and often, with donkey’s tethered up in front, resembles something out of a Western from yesteryear.  However, no John Wayne slamming out of saloon doors guns-a-blazing, but instead a leap into the 21st century!  With times a changing, the shop has been expanded and now boasts a jukebox, pool table and with the extra space, who knows?  Perhaps a promise of greater things to come!

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