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Ellie circus act

  • Puros Conservancy is – amongst other things – known for its desert-adapted elephants or to rephrase that, for a fair chance of spotting them! But a drive up the Hoarusib River with KCS delivered more than anyone bargained for.
  • After watching a herd of cows, young bulls and a tiny calf serenely browsing on Mopane trees, it was time for reluctant farewells:  the journey must go on. The discovery further down river of a lone and very impressive bull quenching his thirst in a pool of water in the middle of an otherwise dry riverbed was a welcome bonus!  At first, he seemed rather unconcerned by the quiet appreciation of his exemplary, rather impressive proportions and continued to drink, splash and squirt to his heart’s content.
  • Then, to everyone’s delight, he stepped up the show and launched himself into a series of formations an accomplished contortionist in the Cirque du Soleil – given the dimensions of the artiste! – would have difficulty emulating with such grace!

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