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Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation


Garth Owen-Smith, Co-Director of Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), discusses conservation work in Namibia.

Chosen quotes:

  • “For the remoted part of the country where wildlife still exists they have been marginalized in terms of conventional development, they get very little of it. So that has really turned the situation around it had created a vehicle for development for in inflow of cash that enables them to move forward in the world where they were left behind because they were so far from the center”
  • “there is people that believe that is program is expected to alienate poverty from rural areas, it is far too much too expect but what it certainly can do is diversify the economy of the local people and make it more sustainable because if we have another major drought in the north west they can loose of cattle as it happened in the past and Tourism can help through…”
  • “The cost of living with lions is balanced by the income that they can get through trophy hunting which is high and for the moment the most lucrative way; but also by non hunting tourism which we really need to step out the benefits.”
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  1. Gerson Uatjavi Kasaona permalink
    21/10/2010 5 h 07 min

    Great work keep it up and all the best for many more years to come in conservation……

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