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NEWS FLASH #3 – come rain


The first rains have fallen in the north-western Kunene Region!

This harsh terrain is undergoing a kaleidoscopic transformation.  A sheen of pale green softens the rocky slopes of jagged mountains and endless desert plains harboring shimmering mirages of springbok, oryx, ostrich and a myriad of other wildlife.

Startling flashes of Phaeoptilum in bloom, outcrops bathed in sunlight streaming through dark thunderclouds in the afternoon sky add splashes of brilliant reds, warm gold and ominous blue-blacks to this dramatic desert canvas.  Streaks of lightning light up distant horizons while the roll of thunder overhead fills us with anticipation that we are about to witness one of nature’s greatest spectacles: a desert thunderstorm.

As our KCS Land Rover reaches the western boundary of the Puros Conservancy, two nervous cheetah are startled into flight and in the blink of an eye disappear from sight.  A herd of giraffe marches long-legged and graceful in single file across the immense Giribis Plains.  A dust devil and then another, whirls playfully across yellow grass and then the wind changes and brings with it the promise of rain. As the first plump drops soak into the hot red sand, the smell of wet earth rises and mingles with the dry scent of the bush to create nature’s own unique perfume!

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