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NEWS FLASH #2: morado XPL37 is back



Morado is back!

Last week a KCS team visited Puros.  One of the objectives was to assist the Puros Lion Officers with monitoring the lions hovering just on the outskirts of the village and who have indeed also ventured into the village at night.  Needless to say residents don’t step outside after dark.

After sunset – without the usual welcoming flicker of cooking fires spread around the settlement – the village resembles a ghost town.   While the KCS team held vigil with the Lion Officers, the lioness popped out of the bushes at the confluence of the Gomatum and Hoarusib Rivers.

As the monitoring team watched with growing incredulity, the big cat seemed relaxed and in excellent condition, despite the fact that she must just have marched about 120 km through incredibly harsh terrain from the Hoanib Floodplains to return to her home range in the Hoarusib River.  Just a few weeks ago in January when the human/wildlife conflict seemed to be coming to a head, Dr Flip Stander had trans-located Morado – together with her sister Tawny and daughter Maya – to the Hoanib Floodplains. KCS was there and some of its agents and marketing specialists were fortunate enough to witness the darting/ translocation procedure and enjoy the unique opportunity to watch conservation in action!

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